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Paint Can graphics

Label for Paint bucket. Custom design.

Tommy gun render-green bkgrnd_i1

Tommy Gun modeled in 3D and rendered out to use with Illustrator vector graphics.

Ooly Gold Tommy gun

Mascot for a mosquito repellent electronic device. Tommy Gun is 3D and rendered to specifically match the illustrated owl. The owl was inspired by real and cartoon versions.

3D Safe

Used on a brochure to describe visually, how well a product works. Safe is fully modeled and rendered in 3D.


Full logo for business.

Logo for Facebook

Business mini logo. Project included rack cards, business card, door hanger, website and vehicle graphics.

Logo 2017

New logo for business. Original design was discontinued. Updated website.

Man in protective suit and mask

Illustration of a person in a protective suit, with sprayer and hose. Used in many marketing documents and online.

Oil pipeline leak - software graphic

Graphics developed for software British Petroleum (BP) planned to develop and use. 90 individual graphics with variations developed for this project

Representation of actual

Graphic describes remediation system for soil and groundwater contamination (Petroleum)

Presentation Graphics and poster

Scientific 3D model of large refinery, bedrock (impermeable layer) and groundwater contamination at depth.


Flier developed to advertise mountain bike race.

Presentation for Service lines

Poster for trade show. Describes modeling, importance of quality graphics and accuracy.

Info Graphic

Updated information graphic for a product. Describes effectiveness of the product as compared to other readily available commercial products.

Combined Graphics

Mascot, Tommy Gun, tree branch, insects drawn with vectors. Deer drawn and included for marketing.

Van Graphics

Vehicle graphics for business. Project included mini logo, large logo, business cards, rack cards, door hangers and website.


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